Sifto Canada Corp

Ingrained in Canadian Culture and Community

Visiting the Sifto Canada website is like opening a page in Canada’s history books. Although the Sifto mine in Goderich, Ontario, is not the only mine in the country, you wouldn’t think any other operation comes close when it comes to having a rich history and profound story to tell. The Sifto salt mine, once a standalone entity has now become a key part in the future of the salt industry, and in turn the prosperity of hundreds of local Canadians. The Sifto story begins when Mr. Sam Platt was prospecting for oil in 1866. Platt’s drilling rig struck rock salt at about 1,000 feet beneath Goderich Harbour. He had heard about salt deposits in the area but he never expected to find this type of salt bed – the first discovery of its kind recorded in North America. ….
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